Delivery Information

Delivery & Collection Procedures


1. All shipments with valid delivery details within city limits will be sent out for delivery the following working day (Saturday – Thursday).

a. All shipments with incomplete details will be sent to our Contact Center the next day for confirmation of the delivery, and will go out the following day provided that the delivery has been confirmed by the Consignee.

b. All shipments which have been attempted but not delivered will be sent to our Contact Center for confirmation of the delivery.

Contact Center:

1. Fresh shipments received at the Contact Center with incomplete delivery details would have an SMS sent to the Consignees to confirm the delivery address/details; provided that a valid UAE mobile number has been provided. Shipments without a valid UAE mobile number will not receive an SMS.

2. Shipments returning from delivery attempts will be contacted the next day for confirmation of the delivery details.


1. Collection timings are 9 AM – 5 PM on working days (Saturday – Thursday).

a. A collection request must be sent in by 2 PM for the collection request to be successful.

2. Our collection fleet consists of an assortment of vehicles, the likes of which will be dispatched to make the collection as per the nature of the items being collected.

In Case of Emergency: For any breakdowns in the entire delivery process, we have contingency nets (Right from Extra Resources, including but not limited to Stand by Couriers, Out of Hours Delivery Couriers and Operation Supervisors) to help sort out any issue that may arise.