Homemade Vinegar

Home Made Vinegars

Our trees are grown by our family on the edge of Kaz Mountains.


These are pesticide free fruits that we collect at different times of the year. Whatever our fertile trees gives us we handpick them carefully and clean hygienically and prepare them for vinegar production. The original recipe for vinegar making is from our ancestors and when it gets together with our organically grown fruits it gives a wonderful result. They are so different from the products you can see in the supermarkets. You can even drink them without mixing with water anytime of the day. Fermentation takes 2 months and our favorite flavors are as below:

Apple Vinegar, Cherry Vinegar, Fig Vinegar, Jujube Vinegar, Peach Vinegar, Pear Vinegar, Pomegranate Vinegar, Quince Vinegar, Raspberry Vinegar, Strawberry Vinegar

500 Ml Glass Bottles

Price 85 AED

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Homemade Vinegar Homemade Vinegar

Homemade Vinegar

Moms are best at everything so is mine! She prepares homemade organic vinegar at very different flav...
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