Privacy Policy

Situations in which We Collect Information

We will collect the following information about you when you interact with us through the Site:

You may interact with us, for example, when you:

  • your email address, physical address and password for our website if you order;
  • your payment details if you purchase on the Site;
  • your phone number and date of birth (optional);
  • your location, website browsing preferences (e.g., through cookies) and purchase history to provide you with customized information on the Site and (optional) newsletters;
  • other information you actively send to us (e.g., via email).
  • register, subscribe, authorize the transfer of, or create an account with us;
  • open or respond to emails;
  • provide information to enroll or participate in programs provided on behalf of, or together with, Sellers, merchants, co-marketers, distributors, resellers and other business partners, with your consent or as necessary to provide services you have requested;
  • visit any page online that displays our ads or content;
  • purchase products or services on or through the Site from the Sellers;
  • connect or link to the Site via social networking tools; and post comments to the online communities sections of the Site.